A letter from our fearless leader



Since 2012, Data Dwell has been committed to the acceleration of marketing and sales teams. It’s our DNA to help organizations work leaner, faster and better. My co-founder, Skarphedrinn (Skarpi), and I worked in the ad agency life together for years and experienced first-hand the friction and workflow inefficiencies between marketing, sales and content creators. Originally, we sought to build a better digital asset management product that would allow teams to share and find files at lightning speed. 


Sales Enablement for Salesforce

Sales Enablement became the next logical progression in accelerating teams: bringing sales and marketing alignment to the CRM, specifically, Salesforce. Sales enablement requires seamless content delivery, why not bring the most relevant content directly to sales?

Data Dwell sees Salesforce as the CRM of choice for nimble, tech-forward enterprises, and we built our Sales Enablement solution for tech-savvy teams who want a turn-key content distribution and sales enablement solution inside SFDC. Importantly, users can easily adopt and master our solution because we utilise the already-familiar Salesforce UI.

Disrupting Sales Stacks

Product launch took place at Salesforce World Tour London 2017, and the response was brilliant: teams crave simplicity in sales enablement, plus content ROI in marketing.

New martech and sales stacks have brought exciting new capabilities to sales teams and facilitated data-driven marketing, but at a cost.

Martech has a separate stack from sales; marketing data is in silos separate from sales; the sales content that is trending hadn’t been filtering through to marketing content teams for just-in-time content pipelines; executives cannot access marketing ROI and sales funnel analytics in real-time.

In some ways, sales and marketing are more disparate than ever, because software tools aren’t communicating.

After the rush wears off from implementing new tech, teams quickly discover the challenges of app sprawl. Marketing and sales operations teams find the added software bloat isn’t worth the hassle in the long-term, as executive reporting becomes time-intensive and operations teams bear the brunt of data-driven programs.

We think you’ll find our Sales Enablement app refreshing in its simplicity. Grounded in Salesforce, all distribution of sales content is now native within the client record. Out-of-the box executive reports offer a true, single version of the truth, as the data is all originated and captured within Salesforce.

Sales reps experience turn-key content sharing, analytics and real-time stakeholder statistics—including anonymous decision makers. Salesforce is now sticky thanks to real-time in-content consumption analytics, empowering sales to close deals faster. Marketing insights, at sales’ fingertips.

Committed to Implementation

We handhold our customers through every step of the trial, implementation and ongoing execution. Truly, we are there with you, side-by-side.

Customer success has been our legacy for the past 5 years, and Data Dwell clients count on us to respond quickly to user-feedback. We keep our product roadmaps transparent to clients and create customizations as needed.

Welcome to the Data Dwell family, we look forward to a long association: partners in revenue acceleration.



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