Ten Must-Have Salesforce Apps for Your Pipeline to Enable More Sales

If your organization is using Salesforce to manage your operations, streamline your pipeline and support your customers, you’ll already know just how powerful it is. But while it’s packed with features and functionality, it’s not entirely comprehensive.

There are many areas where Salesforce doesn’t focus its efforts, and many tasks it can’t do out of the box.

But that’s OK, because there are thousands of Salesforce Apps to choose from in the AppExchange.

Apps like Data Dwell, which integrate additional, essential features into the Salesforce environment to help organizations like yours sell more.

So if you want to supercharge your pipeline and help your sales reps exceed their targets, here’s a list of some of the must have Salesforce Apps to enable more sales:

1) Cirrus Insight – great for email integration

One of the core tasks for any sales rep is to reach out to prospects. To contact leads, chase up enquiries and hunt down new business opportunities.

Cirrus Insight is one of the standout Salesforce apps for email integration. It connects seamlessly to both Gmail and Microsoft Office 365/Outlook to merge all activity and data between Salesforce and your reps’ email accounts.

2) Dashboard Pal – help reps manage their day

Email integration is going to save your sales reps a lot of time and hassle, now you just need to make sure they use that extra time effectively. That’s where Dashboard Pal comes in.

It’s a simple Salesforce App that lets your reps quickly display the dashboards they need to see, helping them organize their time and work more efficiently.

3) Salesforce adoption dashboards – keep sales reps on track

Speaking of dashboards, if you’re managing a team of sales reps then this app – directly from Salesforce Labs – is a must have.

It lets you see what your sales reps are up to, how they’re using Salesforce and where you might want to tweak their approach or strategy. Use it alongside Data Dwell to make sure your reps are sharing the right content, with the right people, at the right time.

4) Data Dwell – position content at the right time, right place

Data Dwell is the sales enablement software your reps need to help them better position content in the sales funnel. It helps you make sure your team is aligning the right content, at the right time, in the right place.

Our software is native to Salesforce, so the app integrates seamlessly. If you want to make sure your marketing and sales department are working together to close more deals, this app is a must have.

5) Formstack – learn more about prospects

If you need your sales team to get more information from your marketing qualified leads, (MQLs), then you might want to send them questionnaires or surveys. Formstack is the perfect Salesforce app for this.

It’s the number one formbuilder for Salesforce because it just works. It’s simple and effective, whatever type of form you want to create and send.

6) Geopointe – find prospects on the go

Your sales team might need to find more prospects first, and that’s where Geopointe comes in. It’s an extremely popular app for sales reps who work on the road.

Geopointe maps all your leads’ locations, optimizing routes if your reps are making face to face calls. It helps them discover new prospects who might be nearby too, making sure they never miss those local opportunities.

7) PhoneBurner – dial prospects faster

If you like to get your sales reps on the phone, reaching out directly to potential customers, then you’ll want to add the PhoneBurner app.

It’s an integrated Salesforce dialer that helps your reps call over 60 contacts an hour and engage more leads. It automatically logs calls and streamlines voicemails and email follow ups, saving your reps a tonne of time.

8) NativeVideo – create video proposals and quotes

When you’ve got hold of a prospect and you’ve noted their interest using Data Dwell to see what content they’re reading, you’ll want to up your game and send a personalized quote or proposal to really grab their attention.

That’s where you’ll need NativeVideo. It helps your sales team record simple personal videos to send to prospects, uploading and integrating them directly into your existing Salesforce processes. 

9) Handwrytten – send handwritten notes

Prospects are getting used to PDFs and powerpoints, so why not grab their attention with a handwritten note? That’s what Handwrytten does.

It lets you type any message you want and converts it to a handwritten note, integrating with your Salesforce database to print and mail directly to your chosen contact. It even tracks your order in Salesforce.

10) Docusign – Get contracts securely signed

Finally, when you’ve shared all relevant content and your prospect is happy, you’ll want to get that contract legally signed to close the deal.

Docusign does just that. It lets you get verifiable and legally admissible signatures on all contracts, using it’s secure systems. And it integrates directly into Salesforce.

You’ll find all of the apps mentioned above – and many more – in the Salesforce AppExchange. And if you want to learn more about Data Dwell, we’d love to show you how it works.

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